Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wheat? Gluten?

When I was about 13 I broke out in this crazy rash on my face. It was red, itch and puffy. I remember a teenage boy ask me in the tactful way they talk to teenage girls, "Do your parents beat you?" What is comical now was horrifying to the 13 year old me. I went to see many different doctors to figure this out. I had what felt like 100 little pricks on my back to see if I had an allergy to something. Low and behold every single on of those little pricks came back negative. If my not allergic to anything than whats going on with my face?! I had grown up with the annoying eczema that is so common now a days, that the doctors just said it was that. My wonderful mother wasn't satisfied with that answer and continued to take me to see different specialist.

Then we went to what we know her as, the Witch Dr. I'm not sure her title or really how to explain what she does. Her name is Julie and she had a little office down in Provo, UT. She would have me hold a copper rod that was connected to a machine and test different points on my fingers to see what was inflamed in my body. She found I had an intolerance to gluten and wheat. It was affecting my digestive tract along with the lining on my stomach and many other things I cant remember. I took many pills and little drops of...stuff under my tongue. I also had to go off every wheat infested food. It was hard and there went any amazing blogs about gluten or any food substitutes for food made form wheat. In a little over a year I was better. She said to eat wheat with caution but it's okay to have every once in a while.

Just last year I started getting a rash on my eye lids and thought how strange. Over the course of a year it has spread to my whole body. Like my whole skin was on attack from an angry monster inside of me. At this point I knew what it was but thought I need to see someone about this. I saw doctors and haven't quite finished the whole process of the dermatologist biopsy cause I think its stupid the waste their time and mine when I know what it is.

I have had to go off all things wheat and would have a huge reaction if I even think about noodles or bread. How helpful now that so many people have this fascination with gluten free. I hate and love that there are so many different recipes out there that are gluten free now. I get all railed up when I find out someone is gluten free cause it's healthier. If I didn't have to be gluten free I wouldn't no ifs and or buts about it. I hate gluten free bread, noodle, and all the "healthier" stuff you can buy at the store. Oh how I miss you pot stickers, fried chicken, fish sticks, hamburger, hot dog, bagel, cake, donut, cookies, pizza, flour tortilla, cinnamon buns, pasta and every kind of bread you can think of. Not to mention I got really good at making my own bread. Yes, I'm just complaining . But who in their right mind would go gluten free unless they had to? Crazy people that's who.

This is a really bad picture upside down picture of my back and side, after eating something I thought didn't have any gluten in it. It looks worse in person. A picture doesn't paint a thousand word.

I did find one amazing thing that I love. My wonderful hubby took some of my old prego coca butter I had left over and mixed in some raw coconut oil. I was having one of my rash melt downs where my back was a bit bloody from all the scratching and all the creams I was prescribed did nothing. He rubbed it all over my rashy spots. It didn't make the itch go away but what it did do was soak into my skin and make me not feel like a giant alligator. My skin was like sand paper and about a half hour of this cream on my skin it was soft and felt like normal skin. I LOVE this stuff.

I have been off gluten since Halloween and my rash shows it self sometimes when I am not super careful and think that eating out is a good idea. This is a topic for another blog but I am having some mad cravings for Chinese food. I am pregnant with baby number 5. All I want for lunch and dinner is Asian food. I love Pad Thai noodles, mushroom chicken from panda and will take anything that is saucy and over rice. If you don't know most soy sauce as gluten in it, don't ask me why. I did have to buy myself some without gluten in it so I can make my own but really that's the joy of Asian food. I Don't Have To Make It. Some all you can eat buffet will do it for me. Wow if we didn't have Panda Express last night I might make Robb go get me some. haha I'm usually not this obsessed with food.

I have found some amazing recipes that are gluten free. Pizza Crust, zucchini noodles, and even some super yummy cookies. I again love how faddish gluten free is right now. Just don't tell me you're gluten free cause its better for you. If they could feel an immense rash all over their body with an itch where you cant scratch enough to relieve the itch but you stop cause you're pretty sure that you've broken the skin and now have little scabs all over your body, then just then they might really know what going off gluten really is. At lease I don't have celiac disease. 

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Tommy + Monica said...

I totally agree & I am soooo sorry! I have a nephew with celiac disease & my mom & father in law recently found out they have strong intolerances to gluten! That rash is horrible!!! I feel for you & I too dont get why someone would CHOOSE to be gluten free if they didn't have to!

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