Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reflecting on 10 Years

Today is our 10th year anniversary! I can't believe it's been ten whole years it feels like yesterday we just got married and yet I can't remember my life without him. It's strange how time feels so out of whack and makes you really believe that this time on earth really will be but a second in the whole grand plan of our lives.

I have to confess something. As a youth I never could picture myself married having kids. I was never the dating type I didn't really like going on dates and anything romantic made me giggle. I never really kissed anyone about until my senior year of high school, I was quite prudish. I just wanted to do my own thing and have fun and boys seemed to mess things up.

I was almost forced into meeting Robb and boy am I glad I was. Funny enough both the people that made this happen are now my sisters. Thanks Suzie and Julie I kinda owe you my happiness. When I met Robb it just felt normal. No big fireworks, or warm squishy feeling, no feeling of "wow, he's the one". Strangely I don't believe there is just one person out there. That being said, boy am I glad I married this man.

He has made me laugh every day. His impressions, accents, and plain craziness has made me smile from the moment I met him. One would think that I might not think him so funny after 10 years but it's the complete opposite. I might have some twisted humor that is him but I still laugh at his jokes. My favorite is how when impersonating my dad he sounds strangely just like Jimmy Stewart.

Our 1st year of marriage we played and went to school. Just like every newly married young couple with no clue as to what they just got themselves into. It was not until our second year that we made the brave move to join the Air Force. I say WE 'cause lets face it, he might be doing the job but I'm the one moving my kids from place to place. We made the decision together. Doesn't he look so cute all dressed up?
While in basic training and tech-school Robb got lots of baby-belly shots until our first little love came 2 months before our 2 year anniversary. Eli was like my little doll. Robb and I would play with him for hours. We would watch him instead of TV and found the joy in little baby noises we found cuter than anything in the world. I think every new parent thinks their baby is the most perfect thing in the whole world, as they should!
A Move to Alaska and almost 2 years later we had this chunky baby who stole our hearts with his round body and dimpled cheeks. Hudson was our over cooked cuddle monster who to this day loves a good cuddle in your arms.

We loved Alaska and celebrated 3 anniversaries there. None of which we really went anywhere but babies to bed, dinner and a movie. This is not a complaint I enjoyed each one!

2 more moves and 2 more babies.

Maggie our sweet little girl came when we lived in New Mexico. Again she was the prettiest little girl I've ever seen and somehow my love spread to yet another child.

Betsy is our California girl. She is the sweetest baby/toddler I've ever had. All my kids have been the best babies but I think Betsy has stolen the cake. She cracks me up with her calm, sweet manner of doing things.

We considered our family complete and couldn't have asked for more... little did we know.

I think about the 10 years Robb and I have been married, the places we've lived, the friends we've made, and the things we've been able to do. I couldn't have asked for a better life. 

I remember our 1st year anniversary. We went to a place close to Park City for the weekend. It was fun but I have to say I cherish the little moments that my husband walks into the room and kisses me before anything else. How he will hear a song on the radio and think it's an impromptu dance moment and twirls me a round the kitchen with kids peeking around the corner watching us. I love when he knows that a Dr Pepper will bring a smile to my face or Root beer when I'm knocked up. He knows when to hold me when I'm lost and to give advice when I need it. He listens to me and never lets me fume. He makes me talk about everything and won't let me rest until I tell him whats wrong. He lets me complain to him about everything and is the one I go to when I need to be held. I love to watch him with our kids. I've never had any doubt about leaving our kids with him for days while I go do whatever I want. He is a great loving, caring, playful dad. He takes care of the gross things like cleaning the garbage disposal, unclogging toilets, and taking out the garbage. Never have I had to tell him to stop watching the game and pay attention the the family. He is always present. 

Like I said I don't think there is just one person for you. I think that I could have married someone else if I had made different choices and Robb had made different choices. But we made the decisions we did and ended up meeting each other falling madly in love and somehow I still keep falling.

 I love you Robb more today than I did 10 years ago. I ask you all the time if you'll marry me cause I don't know really what comes next after marriage and kids. I am giddy about the next 10 years and honestly I can't wait until the military doesn't interfere with our anniversary! I don't think since our first year have we ever celebrated until the following weekend. Haha, That will be the day! I'm not sure what the future holds...well we do know it holds another baby girl due the end of June. Here we go again :)

Robb would say "10 years, wow. Time for an upgrade." I think he's stuck and there's no getting out of it. I warned him that this marriage was FOREVER and gave him an out. He's the one that didn't take it. 

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