Friday, June 28, 2013

Maggie Favorite

I was thinking back on the fun things we've already done this year and this is one of my favorites. Murray Family Farms. We took the opportunity to go to a U-pick it farm in Baker, CA when we had family in town.  Loved every single minute of it. I dream about owning a farm like this one. 
They had this super amazing bouncing pillow the kids... and adults, could jump on. So much fun!  Love this little girl running, bouncing to her dad.

We had a personal tracker tour of the farm and they told us all the many yummy things they grow. Mostly fruit and almost no veggies. If I recall the sweet peas were the only thing they had and they were in bloom when we were there. Smelled amazing and looked even more beautiful. Forgot to take a picture, oops.

Our reason for coming were these wonderful drops of sweet goodness.
 Rows and rows of strawberries. They consist of 50 % of Maggie's diet. She loves them and will eat a pound or more in one sitting. I know cause I bought some in a pound container and found them completely gone with little green leafs all over the floor. She LOVES them.

 Needless to say she was in heaven I think she ate as many as she picked. That goes for my father in law as well... actually I really think he just ate them as he picked them.

Betsy slept through the whole thing.

By the end we were all hot and ready to be done. We might have over picked a little.

I need to remember to take off those glasses. Thanks MayMay for the sunglasses you left in my car, Loves.

 After picking berries we stopped off at the butterfly house where there were a bunch of monarch butterflies newly hatched flying around.  Then we went to the ant farm playground. It had this pit of corn which was actually really cozy and relaxing. Love my mother in law and how she gets down and dirty with my kids.
 If that wasn't enough we then went to the petting zoo they have. You can pet these really ugly goats and try your hardest to pet the sheep who wouldn't let you get near them. Maggie kept saying "I pet you sheep" as they ran from her.

 My kids loved to roaster the best or was it a chicken, hmmm. Well they liked the poultry the most.
 After we paid and were ready to leave the owner came out and talked to us. Gave my kids some bubbles and goodies that made Hudson and Maggie super happy.
I love when people come to visit. It makes us take time to enjoy where we live. California hasn't been my favorite place to live but there are some fun things, if we take the time to get out and do them. I didn't even mention one of my favorite things. While we were there they had a banjo band playing for some party but it just completed the experience. Forgot to take a picture, oops again.

That night we went home, Renon and I made strawberry freezer jam and then froze a bunch for summer smoothies. The next night we had strawberries short cake and ate strawberries for every meal. It made for one happy 2 year old.

We've done lots since then. Beach, Sea World, Beach, Zoo, Beach, Beach and More Beach. The fun part is we go to a different one each time so it's always fun and new. 


Kritta22 said...

Oh what a fun place!!! Reminds me of my hometown farm. <3

Suzi Q said...

k i haven't been on blogger for forever! it is SOOO good to see so many pics of your DARLING family!! Holy cow! Maggie looks JUST LIKE YOU! You are awesome and I miss you! :)

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