Friday, May 31, 2013


In our home summer has finally come! I love having all my kids at home playing together. They have such a crazy loving relationship with one another is cracks me up. Eli and Hudson are best buds and will do everything together. Hudson and Maggie have a love hate relationship, where Hudson will play with her all the while plotting a way to teaser her just enough to make her scream. Maggie will follow Hudson around, want to lay in his bed and be right next to him all day but also teases him. Eli just loves the girls and will help them with anything they need. Betsy just steals all our hearts and we drop whatever we're doing for her. Except Maggie who hoards her toys from the slobbery Betsy fingers, we're working on sharing with Mag Pie. Its going to be fun to watch what happens this summer.  

I found this picture of Betsy and it made me laugh. Everyone says she looks like Robb, I just don't see it. Haha

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Weeks Notice

Have you ever had those days where, as a mom, you wish you could give your two weeks notice? Today could have been one of those days.

 I wake up LATE! Oh, starts in 20 minutes. A wave of relief as I see both boys, up, eating breakfas,t that Eli made (in front of the TV, in two little cup, on top of a towel, as not to spill). We all get dressed, I make lunches, get afternoon snacks, and we're ready to head to school. But wait, Maggie has just woken up, naked, a common thing as she sleeps in her undies. Get her dressed, fast and get on the bikes. My bike is flat! Never mind, load up in the car. Luckily we live next to the school and we make in enough time, to kiss the boys and watch them walk into school.

I make Maggie breakfast and grab a banana for me as I rush to put make up on and do my hair. In a half hour I have to be back at school to help in Hudson's class. Wake up Robb and Betsy and kiss them good bye as I go to the school again. It's only 8:30 and I'm ready to go back to bed. I get home Robb heads to the gym. I play Princessess with Maggie, feed Betsy. I have 1 hour before I need to pick up Hudson so I do some laundry, pick up the floor and make a real breakfast... for me. Robb's not back with the car and Maggie wants to walk, so we do. That always in tells getting Maggie redressed. Oh yeah I need to get Betsy dressed too. We make it to get Hudson just in time, cause we go Maggie's wondering pace. Once home I make PB&J in the shape of dinosaurs for Hudson and hearts for Maggie. Nap time for Betsy and read a book ( I'm not totally crazy, I know when to steal a moment here and there). Robb gets home sees me laying with Betsy and reading, he thinks I'm living the life. I get up spend some time talking with him while he watches Gold Rush or some Alaska airlines show as we dream of our life in Alaska that we once had. Hahaha.

Help Hudson do homework, play dolls with Maggie and do the dishes. Betsy wakes up and we play for a while with all the kids (minus Eli) laughing, as Betsy is still sleepy eyed. Robb gets ready for work and leaves right at 2:00 pm. About 10 minutes later Eli comes in all smiles with a hug and a kiss for me. The boys are off to play the wii and I relish in the free time I have while I play blocks with Betsy and Maggie and dolls again (did I mention how much I loath playing dolls, I would so much rather play cars, dinosaurs or even power rangers). I help the boys make snacks and realize I didn't get lunch and just eat snacks with them, apples and cheese, mmmm. I notice we have to leave in 30 minutes to get to baseball games. We get ready!

Oh crap, I forgot to change the laundry. Eli's baseball pants are wet in the washing machine. I throw those in the dryer and we not only get ready for baseball but also wrestling, that starts 15 minutes after baseball is suppose to end. We have shoes for both sports, a change of clothes, mitts, balls, water bottles, snacks for Maggie, toys for Betsy, umbrella, blanket and treats for the team. Yes, its my night for after game treats, hurray for me! Get Maggie dressed again, that's number 3, feed and change Betsy. Sorry Maggie no nap for you today. We're off right at 4:02, I checked. We get to the field and we're the only ones there. Why do I try and be on time when everyone is so late? It's the one thing of Robb's OCD that has rubbed off on me and then all my bad craziness has rubbed off on him haha, sucker! We get there unload and set up. Blanket umbrella, toys scattered all around in hopes Betsy will stay on the blanket and not eat the dirt. Alas we live in a wind tunnel and the umbrella is a no go. I move our blanket into some, apparently coveted shade, cause when I abandoned my blanket for 10 second some moms put there camping chairs right in front of me. Classy ladies, real classy. Don't you worry you pretty little heads, I'll just stand in the sahde the whole time holding Betsy so I can watch Eli be catcher.

The game is almost over with one inning left and we've only had to go to the potty twice, good job Maggie. Then my wonderful surprise of a husband shows up, holds my baby and gives me a brake for 10 minutes, just enough time so I can watch the game in peace with Maggie in my lap and then hand out treats to some really awesome baseball players. Robb helps we to the car, wondering how we got so many kids and where they all came from. I laugh and smile. Give kisses all around and Robb's back to work and me too. I tell the boys to get their wrestling shoes on, change their clothes and eat their snacks. Its around the corner so we're only 10 minutes late but they haven't started yet. We go to the potty. I play games with Maggie as we watch the boys wrestle for an hour. Once in the car the boys ask the dreaded question... "whats for dinner?" ...I haven't even given it a thought. Hudson asks for cheeseburgers, Burger King it is. It's 7:18 as we finally pull in the garage, Yes i looked. Bed time in 40 minutes. We need baths done and Eli's homework.I'm kicking myself now for not making him do it earlier. Oops lets feed the dog. Now Betsy in the dog food, yuck. Jammies for the girls and they're out at 7:30ish, nope i didn't look. 2 down 2 to go. Boys showers done and homework done a bit late, with stories we're pusing 9:00 pm. They are finally all asleep snoring and all, its 9:34 pm, YES, I looked. I haven't really touched the house very much today and it's in need of some tender love and care. It will be there tomorrow so I'm not to worried.

Oh no, Maggie is awake and angry at being awake. Which in turn wakes up Betsy. What is Eli doing? and why is he walking into the laundry room? I follow him... "Eli don't pee there!" I guide him to the bathroom and walk him back to bed. Put Maggie in her bed and rock Betsy back to sleep. It's Now 11:15 (I looked).

Lets be honest, there are days I would love to give my two weeks notice, if it were not for the hugs, the kisses, the licks, the intricately drawn pictures and the many "I love you" from my kids, it might not be worth it. Today it hit me hard that my life is for them. I live to bring joy to their lives, whether it be taking them to baseball, wrestling or soccer, playing dolls or princesses, going for a walk or just rocking them back to sleep. I live for them. It's something we as mothers all know but what hit me hard was that I am in control of what goes on in their day. Today I could have made so many other choices. I could have not woken up and got them to school on time, could have cancelled my volunteer at the school, we could have skipped out on wrestling or just missed the baseball game and not taken treats.

Okay, yes there is a long list of things I could  have done better but today looking back, I think about what went right. It was a crazy day but I have to ask myself, did my kids feel loved today? Was there joy in their life? Do they know that they are a blessing in my life? With a smile on my face I can honestly say yes. For each one of them personally I believe they do.

To my mom I want to say thank you for taking me to softball, ballet, volleyball, youth activities, girls camps, and even to school. You taught me how to be a girl who loves sports and dance at the same time, to be dirty and tough, yet hold myself with grace. You taught me how to be confident in who I am and have self worth. You taught me the joy in serving others. You taught me to work hard for something I want and to never give up. You taught me the value of the gospel and having a relationship with my Father in Heaven. You taught me what a mother should be. How you raised 6 kids I will never know cause sometime I feel like I'm sinking with just 4. You are and will forever be my hero, the one who lived to bring joy to my childhood. I will never forget the sacrifice you have made for me to become the mother I am today.  I love you Mom!

It's now 11:44 pm. YES! I looked. Goodnight

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