Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A place for thoughts

I haven't wrote anything in a long time and no one reads this any way so it really shouldn't matter. I just have been really feeling like I want to put my thoughts down somewhere. Yes, I do keep a journal and I keep one for each of my kids, when they say or do something I want to remember forever, but I need more!

I feel like my life is passing by so quick and I am living every minute of it. But lately things have gone into over drive. I don't know where my free time went and why are my kids growing up so fast? Eli is so big and not just age, he is a big kid. He looks like he should be in third grade and he could pull it off cause he's super smart. That must have come from the Hulet side not the Ware. Hudson amazes me everyday with how he can go from playing Lego's with his brother to princesses with his sister and them peekaboo all in 30 minutes. He has this likability factor that is unreal. He's a magnet of fun. Maggie has decided she is the princess and Betsy is the Angel and don't forget or she will remind you. She loves to play and make messes all day. She is my Sour Patch Kid. Sour one moment and super sweet the next. Then there is the most amazing baby ever, Betsy. I couldn't have asked for a more loving, snugly, joyful, calm baby. She is in every possible way, perfect!

I feel beyond blessed every night as I say my prayers. I have an abundance of joy in my life that I feel can only be blessing from a loving Father in Heaven. Sometimes my little blessings (kids) are testing me to see if I really do see them as such. Just last night I had to laugh as I turned out my light I had Maggie on one side Betsy on the other Hudson on the side of the bed and Eli at the foot. My poor hubby has to come home every night and distribute all the kids in their rightful sleeping places. In the mornings as I roll out of bed at 6:30 two little girls have made it back to the bed and are smashed next to Robb. Sometimes it's not a peaceful night sleep but like I said time is flying and soon they wont want to snuggle and I will be nostalgic for these times. I try my hardest to soak it up every minute I can.

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