Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello Again

It's been so long, almost a year, since I posted anything on here. I wanted to do a quick recap of our life here at Edward AFB. Robb has never worked so much as he does here. He works the mid-shift from 11pm to 7 some times 8am. He's been going to school at night to finish his degree. I am happy to report that graduation is this Saturday! He will finally have a bachelors degree that will have nothing to do with his future job. Its in professional aeronautics, whatever that mean. I'm just glad he's finally done. Ever since we moved here almost a year ago, it seemed like I was an only parent. Yet now, I don't know what to do with him, he seem to always be here, in my business. Truly I am so grateful he has finished and now it feels like our lives can start again. I have a huge long list of things I still want him to hang up from when we first moved here.

Eli is 6 and just finished Kindergarten. He loves to play with the neighbor kids who come over asking for him constantly. Hudson is 4 and has a best little buddy here named Owen who is in his primary class. He is still my super cuddlier and is amazingly sweet for a crazy little boy. Maggie will be 2 September 11th and has decided she no long wants a diaper. Its been a struggle, she is my most headstrong child and has to do everything for herself. We are expecting our second little girl due September 10th, Yes the day before Maggie turns two. It was a unexpected pregnancy and has taken me a while to admit we're having another one. Of course I'm over joyed now, it just took me a good 4 months of denial and another before we told our families.

Summer has hit and we're already made it to the beach 4 times. It's amazing and wonderful in every way. Even the cooler days of 70 on the coast is still fun in jackets, eating watermelon.

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