Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maggie's Dress

This picture is a little fuzzy, I'm not a photographer... But my sister is
wink, wink, hint, hint. She's really good.

Okay, so my friend Taron has the cutest twin girls. They're 2 1/2 and the best of friends. Last Sunday the were wearing matching dresses that were so adorable. She said she made them. Oh great, I thought not another thing I have to make. We all know deep down in side I was screaming for joy. I love new projects. After the dresses haunted me for nights, I decided it was time to make one. It took me about 2 hours to make once I sat down and started cutting. Not sure if the dress is cute or just the crying baby.
I couldn't get her to smile or even stop crying so I could take pictures. Me being the smart mom that I am, decided to give her a sucker. Why not every kids loves a sucker.

I didn't think about the sticky mess after it went into her mouth. Yuck. So much for my beautiful little dress I made her. It came off her the minute I finished pictures and into the bath she went. We might wait until shes a bit older before we try the sugar thing again. Me and sticky messes don't mesh well. I also made her hair band that she wont keep on. I only put flowers and hair thing on her when we go to church and it only last to the sacrament and then off the go.
The pattern is on Sewing In No Mans Land. It has lots of cute things that I can make Maggie. I have already been plotting out my next project. AFTER the move. Two weeks and counting.

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