Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maggie's Blessing

My wonderful sister, Meili, FINALLY posted pictures from Maggies blessing in Utah (slacker). She's super busy being a single mom and working so I shouldn't give her grief. They are amazing pictures. I'm just glad she takes them for me cause I LOVE them. If you want to see some pics of my family, mostly Mags go to . Thanks Meili. Loves.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We had a little snow storm here in NM, the whole town shut down. Water pipes broke, there was a gas shortage and some peoples power went out. It's amazing what 6 inches of snow can do to a town. We were lucky and just had a heat issue in the house but nothing socks and jackets couldn't handle. Robb was off work for the whole week, the base was shut down. When Robb's home, things are so much harder. I think since he's off work so am I. I forget that I never leave work so even if he is home the Work Must Go On! I had to grip my sanity, so I made this one night while we were watching a movie.
I used all my scraps left over from Maggie's quilt. I plan to frame it and hang it in her room. I got the idea from cluck cluck sew. She's made hers into a pillow and it's stinking cute. Everyone should make one. So easy.
Robb and I had our 7th year anniversary, we finally bought a love sac, really a cozy sac. We've always wanted one since our friends had one in Alaska and we loved it. Lets face it, we're just grown up little kids. I love it, Robb is still debating. It's huge, an 8 footer. It's almost bigger than our couch. Happy anniversary to us. We would rather buy things than go on a date. Yes, I know, we're party poopers. I admire those who date their spouse. Robb and I like to be with our kids to much. We would rather take the kids somewhere with us than leave them. They're only little once so we're enjoying every minute of it. My Maggie is already 5 months old and sitting up, where did the time go?

My wonderful hubby is learning to juggle work, daddy, hubby, school and now being part of the bishopric. He was called to be the second counselor in our ward. A high priest at 30. I always tell him he's an old man. I think he's doing a good job at all his responsibilities. He even keeps up with his chores at home. There are good weeks and some exhausting ones too.

I subbed in RS a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Not so much the teaching but more just the learning about the topic and finding other things about it through others bloggs. Everyone needs to read a blogg I found about a girl who created a mantra of "cleaning toilets for Jesus." I would put a link to these things but someone needs to show me how first, sorry.

The weather is getting warmer and warmer. I think I even got a little sun on my legs the other day while we were at the park. I can't wait for the pool and the constant out door adventurous. Last summer before Eli goes to school :( Is it wrong to not want him to go? I do and I don't.

We're already started the endless eating of possicks (Hudson's way to say Popsicles) I think that's all he'd eat if I let him. The Boys have been playing the wii with their dad and the remote is a permanent fixture in Hudson's hand.

Now that I have a Maggie Magpie, I find something new I want to make everyday. The list just keeps getting longer. Haha, I'll never finish it all.

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