Friday, August 20, 2010

The Girls Blanket

It was way fun to pick out girly fabric for a change. If I remember right I've only made Emily Doxey's little girl a blanket and the rest have all been boys. I don't even know how many little boy blankets I've made. I bought this as a layer cake from moda and then just swapped the middlesThis is it pinned up on my wall once I had them in strips. It took me about 3 weeks to actually sew the rows together. I must have got burned out.
Here is the back that I put together with cream 2 1/2 inch strips and a jelly roll of the same fabric. I have lots of the jelly roll left over.

This is the top once I sewed it all the top together. I have it all pinned ready to quilt. I've tried couple of my different stitches on my sewing machine but I think I'll just outline the squares like I always do. I just like how clean it looks. Someday when I'm really wealthy I'm buying one of those really big quilting machines that take up the space of a whole room. Dream on.
I'll put up the picture of when I have it done. Hopefully this weekend I'll steal some time to do that. But I've already started another girl blanket and am super excited to sew it. I'm having my mom quilt that one for me. Then the girl can have a blanket her grandma quilted for her. And yes I have another blanket all picked out that I want to make next. That ones going to have to wait cause I don't have the fabric for it yet.

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