Monday, May 24, 2010

New Days To Come

We have made it to New Mexico and are in a big beautiful home on Holloman AFB and we are soaking up the sun like never before. It has come to my attentions that we are no more the Alaska Hulets but have become the NEW Mexican Hulets. HAHA.

We've been here for 5 weeks and I'm still unpacking boxes of random stuff. I've lost my camera so no photos of the long trip with two kids.

Now for the amazing news that Robb and I got today. We went in for my first baby appointment since Elmendorf (they're really slow here), the midwife is amazing and LDS, which I love. Crossing our fingers they had room in the schedule for an ultrasound was pointless there is no tech in the office any more. We were sent to another clinic where you call a toll free number for an appointment. The only opening was this coming Friday. We took a chance and drove over to the office in town where they had a cancellation HURRAY! Baby is great growing just fine due date still September 19th. Its so amazing what they can do with those 3D machines, but our tech must have been magic because he made the baby boy, I was expecting to have, a GIRL!

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