Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I feel like the last 3 months have flown right by. The holidays always make things move quicker than any other time of month and yet those are the months that I wish could last forever. We had a great Christmas with both our families. All I did was sit around with my leg up while everyone did everything for me. ACL surgery number 4 was the best recovery wise that I have ever had. I felt great and wanted to start walking within 3 weeks of surgery but I didn't. I don't want surgery number 5 anytime soon. Needless to say this Christmas came and went with lost of drugs and crazy family.

We would spend one night with my family then with the Hulets. I got really warn out going from one place to another so there were a couple of times Robb went to see his family without the loopy wife. Heres a picture of my whole family. I don't know how many times we've planned on taking family pictures but then something happens to someone and we always have a person missing but not at an impromtu photo shoot where I look amazing! Oh well.

January came and went uneventful but again way to fast.

Feburary was a bit of a whril wind. Robbs grandma Hulet passed away leaving an amazing family behind to remember her with fondness always. I didn't know much about her or her life but I do know she always made me feel like one of the crazy Hulet clan. They are an amazing family with more love to give than I ever thought possible. The cousins are so close almost like brothers and sisters. They have family reunion once every year and its one big family fest. Who knows what will happen this coming year. Robb was able to go home for her funeral which Iwas greatful for.

Than we all got sick. We started with Eli then it went to Hudson and now its spread to me. So far Robb has come through without catching the bug. With less than 5 weeks to go before the move I starting to really feel the pressure. I don't how to box up my life. Its harder than I thought it was going to be. This is our really first home and now we're moving. I don't know why I get so emotional about it. I've started to do a box a day and so far so good.

Robb has bought a moving truck that he is contiually making improvement on. A new stareo, painted the dash board panels black, fixed all the gauges, and now he's making minor adjustments to the seat, that now sits in my garage. He's way excitied. I told him people are going to think we're fighting because he spends all his free time in the truck. Ha Ha.

Eli asks everyday if we're going to New Mexico now. Than I constantly answer with a "not today." Eli had his 4th birthday and we had a super hero party with a few friends. He loved it and asks if we can have another one.

Hudson just started using the potty but hasn't mastered going #2. My goal was to not have to change diapers while taking to the long drive. Eli never had this problem. Why do children have to be so different. They should all come out exactly the same. Then you know what to expect and can handle the disasters with a calm deep breath cause you've done it already with the frist child. It seems they don't and so I find myself taking more than a just one deep breath when dealing with this refusal to use the toilet for all the bathroom needs. If Hudson weren't so cute I could get really mad.

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