Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

Now that Christmas is over I feel like I can get back to getting things done. My first order of business is to get my baby announcements made. I was up last night getting it done and ordered it this morning.

Now I need to finish my calendars and still mail my Christmas cards haha I'm the biggest slacker in all the world. I did just get them in the mail on Tuesday. I just was slow to order and slow to send out. I working on it.

I'm so excited for this coming year. No that I'm not pregnant, I'm ready to get out and see what New Mexico really has to offer. I want to see all the sights and do everything a tourist would want to do. #1 I want to go to the Caverns, #2 Elephant Butte lake (the only water around) #3 do all 3 hikes they have #4 Space Museum #5 White Sands #6 Water Park in El Paso. My list will grow but lets get those done first.

I'm ready to get back to my old self and play with my kids again with out feeling like I'm going to pass out. Who knows the heat might get the best of me. I'm super excited to give my garden another shot. This was my garden last year. Looks pretty good.

This was in June by August things got scorched and shriveled. I couldn't keep my tomatoes alive. The sun fried them up. I was watering my plants twice a day and things were still wilting. Have any advice let me know. My herbs did amazing. Maybe I'll stick to things I can't kill. haha.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Updated Thoughts

I can't believe it's been almost three months since Maggie joined our fam. Where does the time go? Life has been crazy with a new one. Two weeks after I had Maggie I went to stay with my family while Robb left for a short, short deployment to the UAE. I was in Utah for almost two months, more than half of Maggies short little life. Robb made it home a week before Thanksgiving and met me in Utah for a brief stay (for him). We drove back to Mexico as Hudson likes to call it. I tell him endlessly that we live in NEW Mexico he tells me "No, Mexico." So, I have given up and now call it Mexico. We made it back right before Thanksgiving, where I ran to the store for a Thanksgiving feast. We had my wonderful sister in law Julie and her hubby Greg with us. I loved every minute of it. I think they were ready for some peace and quiet. Being married and no kids... that was the life.

Now things are starting to get back to normal, as much as they can right before Christmas.
I'm having a hard time feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Not that I'm not feeling Christ like, just that it's hard to feel that Christmas is around the corner in 70 degree weather. All I've ever known is snow. Most days I feel like it's a nice Alaska summer day. People think its cold here, the parks are like ghost towns. I kind of like it cause then we have the park to ourselves. My neighbors must think I'm crazy cause I let my kids jump on the tramp in shorts still. The other day Eli wanted the sprinklers on under the tramp. I told him no, but it was warm enough. I'm enjoying the winter here cause I can finally be outside without melting. I love it. I need a vacation house in Alaska for the scorching summers here and a winter house in New Mexico for the fridged winters there. Still adjusting and loving it.

Robb and I are actively serving in church. You know the scout master in the ward. Everyone has one. Its like his life calling. Well Robb's is executive secratery, or ward clerk. He's not thrilled about it but he does such a great job. It's one of my favorite things about him. You can always count on him to do what needs to be done. I on the other hand am a life time slacker. I'm the activity days leader. I got the calling right before I had Maggie. I did it once, had a baby and then went out of town. That week was my second time doing it. Good news is I've already fallen in love with these girls, all 15 of them. The desire to be there for them and teach them who they are and who they can become is so strong. I think about them all the time and get this feeling that I need to up my spirituality. I never feel worthy of the calling I get. I always feel there has to be someone more qualified that can do it better. It's sad they're stuck with me.

These are my random thoughts that have been waiting to flood out, so I'm sorry for the gobbley gook but you don't have to read it, so there. I'm going to post some picture soon. Keep waiting.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Girls Blanket

It was way fun to pick out girly fabric for a change. If I remember right I've only made Emily Doxey's little girl a blanket and the rest have all been boys. I don't even know how many little boy blankets I've made. I bought this as a layer cake from moda and then just swapped the middlesThis is it pinned up on my wall once I had them in strips. It took me about 3 weeks to actually sew the rows together. I must have got burned out.
Here is the back that I put together with cream 2 1/2 inch strips and a jelly roll of the same fabric. I have lots of the jelly roll left over.

This is the top once I sewed it all the top together. I have it all pinned ready to quilt. I've tried couple of my different stitches on my sewing machine but I think I'll just outline the squares like I always do. I just like how clean it looks. Someday when I'm really wealthy I'm buying one of those really big quilting machines that take up the space of a whole room. Dream on.
I'll put up the picture of when I have it done. Hopefully this weekend I'll steal some time to do that. But I've already started another girl blanket and am super excited to sew it. I'm having my mom quilt that one for me. Then the girl can have a blanket her grandma quilted for her. And yes I have another blanket all picked out that I want to make next. That ones going to have to wait cause I don't have the fabric for it yet.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Yummy

Isn't summer wonderful. I loved Alaska but I forgot what good fruit tastes like. I think I'm in heaven here. We eat way too much fruit. It's just so good. Hudson thinks so as well. Every time I buy strawberries this is what he does. Then I have to eat the rest or use them in something that night.

Eli has gained this love of tomatoes and eats them like apples. I have to buy twice what I normally do so he can eat half. How can I tell them "no you can't have fruit and vegetables." Don't get me wrong they still ask for ice cream and posicks ( that's what Hudson calls popsicles) every day to I just have no problem telling them no to those things.

Utah Once Again

We just got back from a week and half long trip to Utah. It was great. It was like a road trip cause it takes two days to get to northern Utah with kids. The boys do amazing in the car. They'll go a good 4-6 hours with nothing more than a couple of toys after that its movie time. Who ever invented portable DVD players is a genius.

I love having that time where Robb and I can sit and talk about nothing for hours while the kids sleep in the back of the car. I learned that Robbs a trek nerd... you know those people who are in love with Star Trek. It just makes me love him more.

First we went to Robb's Hulet family reunion which always turns out to be way fun. They always have this little old man come and do a little train for the kids here a picture of them. It was so hot. Robb took the pictures while I sat in the little shad there was. Next we were off again for SLC.
My cute sisters did a little baby shower for me at my brother's pool party. My sisters are so wonderful. They all brought gifts with the cutes girl stuff, outfits, onesies, blankets, bibs and even glass bottles. Laura (my bother Dallans wife) already sent me 6 or so of the cutes little outfits right after the ultra sound. She was just as excited as me. My best friend Jen came with her hubby Nathan, Lilly 3 and Kingston 3 months (I think). It was so sweet of them to do a baby shower. It was fun to get baby girl stuff. Plus I threw away all my bottles and pacifiers and a lot of baby stuff in the move.

We just hung out at my moms house for the week and loved every minute. What is it about moms house that makes you just want to take a nap and be lazy? Robb says I act a bit different when I'm home and around my brothers and sisters. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

We made a last minute decision to make a trip to Logan and see the Doxey clan. Since it was last minute Emily was in North Carolina wind surfing but we saw Mike, Abby, Rion, and Sophia. I can't believe its been two years since I've seen them. It was so nice to be around old friends. I really hate making new friends in New Mexico. I have become a little recluse... withdrawals from missing everyone in Alaska.

It was a good trip but I forgot to take pictures like I normally do! I did find my camera the day before we left, happy day. This is my favorite picture from the bunch.

This was while driving on the Indian res. in Arizona. Ha Ha we think the guy was pretty drunk. He was kind of swerving and driving under the speed limit. We passed him as soon as possible.

On the way home we went a different way and went through Monticello Utah. I've never been there but it was amazing beautiful. We only had to drive through one one Indian Res. through Colorado. It was all really beautiful. In my old age I've really grown to love Southern Utah.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I can't find my camera with all my pictures from Alaska to New Mexico. It's really not that big of a deal but I feel like those weeks of my life have been erased like they never even happened. I don't even like taking pictures, so why should I care so much? I CARE! I want my camera back. I had it as we were unpacking, but now that were all moved in and life has started to resume as normal I can't find it anywhere. I forgot the could less hours where I sit with my kids and we look at pictures and Eli tells all about whats going on in them like I wasn't even there. I love it.

In the process of finding my camera I have lost my phone twice, my ipod, my flip video camera and my sunglasses a numerous amount of times. All of which I have found, so why can't I find my camera? I seem to be losing everything right now like I've been taking crazy pills.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Days To Come

We have made it to New Mexico and are in a big beautiful home on Holloman AFB and we are soaking up the sun like never before. It has come to my attentions that we are no more the Alaska Hulets but have become the NEW Mexican Hulets. HAHA.

We've been here for 5 weeks and I'm still unpacking boxes of random stuff. I've lost my camera so no photos of the long trip with two kids.

Now for the amazing news that Robb and I got today. We went in for my first baby appointment since Elmendorf (they're really slow here), the midwife is amazing and LDS, which I love. Crossing our fingers they had room in the schedule for an ultrasound was pointless there is no tech in the office any more. We were sent to another clinic where you call a toll free number for an appointment. The only opening was this coming Friday. We took a chance and drove over to the office in town where they had a cancellation HURRAY! Baby is great growing just fine due date still September 19th. Its so amazing what they can do with those 3D machines, but our tech must have been magic because he made the baby boy, I was expecting to have, a GIRL!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Two Weeks To Go

I woke up this morning and it hit me. We have two weeks left. Wow where has the time gone. I can't believe we move so soon. Very, very bitter sweet.

Why I'm excited to move.
Closer to family
Closer to family
Cheaper flights
Closer to family
More store options
Closer to family
More than one road out of town
and did I mention we'll be closer to family

What I'm going to miss.
Kids of friends
Hiking just right up the road
Swimming in lakes
Seeing moose all the time
Berry Picking
Bike ride trails everywhere
Whale watching
Camping where it never gets deathly hot
and all the wonderful people we've meet

We've had way to much fun in Alaska and really hope that one day we'll be able to come back. But for now, get packing. Cause whether I like it or not we're moving in just TWO weeks.

So far today I've packed one box, cleaned behind the refrigerator, emptied out all my pots, shoveled the drive way (let the kids play outside while it snowed), sorted through all the boys clothes, and cleaned out the hall closet. It may not sound like much but I'm tired and ready for my daily 3 o'clock nap.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I feel like the last 3 months have flown right by. The holidays always make things move quicker than any other time of month and yet those are the months that I wish could last forever. We had a great Christmas with both our families. All I did was sit around with my leg up while everyone did everything for me. ACL surgery number 4 was the best recovery wise that I have ever had. I felt great and wanted to start walking within 3 weeks of surgery but I didn't. I don't want surgery number 5 anytime soon. Needless to say this Christmas came and went with lost of drugs and crazy family.

We would spend one night with my family then with the Hulets. I got really warn out going from one place to another so there were a couple of times Robb went to see his family without the loopy wife. Heres a picture of my whole family. I don't know how many times we've planned on taking family pictures but then something happens to someone and we always have a person missing but not at an impromtu photo shoot where I look amazing! Oh well.

January came and went uneventful but again way to fast.

Feburary was a bit of a whril wind. Robbs grandma Hulet passed away leaving an amazing family behind to remember her with fondness always. I didn't know much about her or her life but I do know she always made me feel like one of the crazy Hulet clan. They are an amazing family with more love to give than I ever thought possible. The cousins are so close almost like brothers and sisters. They have family reunion once every year and its one big family fest. Who knows what will happen this coming year. Robb was able to go home for her funeral which Iwas greatful for.

Than we all got sick. We started with Eli then it went to Hudson and now its spread to me. So far Robb has come through without catching the bug. With less than 5 weeks to go before the move I starting to really feel the pressure. I don't how to box up my life. Its harder than I thought it was going to be. This is our really first home and now we're moving. I don't know why I get so emotional about it. I've started to do a box a day and so far so good.

Robb has bought a moving truck that he is contiually making improvement on. A new stareo, painted the dash board panels black, fixed all the gauges, and now he's making minor adjustments to the seat, that now sits in my garage. He's way excitied. I told him people are going to think we're fighting because he spends all his free time in the truck. Ha Ha.

Eli asks everyday if we're going to New Mexico now. Than I constantly answer with a "not today." Eli had his 4th birthday and we had a super hero party with a few friends. He loved it and asks if we can have another one.

Hudson just started using the potty but hasn't mastered going #2. My goal was to not have to change diapers while taking to the long drive. Eli never had this problem. Why do children have to be so different. They should all come out exactly the same. Then you know what to expect and can handle the disasters with a calm deep breath cause you've done it already with the frist child. It seems they don't and so I find myself taking more than a just one deep breath when dealing with this refusal to use the toilet for all the bathroom needs. If Hudson weren't so cute I could get really mad.

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