Monday, November 9, 2009

Best Day Of The Summer

Everytime I go home all three of my brothers ask if I've caught any fish. My answer has always been "no". Not any longer, this Christmas I get to rub it in their faces that they never came to visit me. Boy did they miss out this was the most fun I've had this whole summer.

Like everyone else we took the voyage to the Kenai and went dip netting. We had no clue what we where to go or what to do but we had a very large net and an empty cooler that needed to be filled.

We parked on as side where we were able to park our car right on the beach where we were fishing so the kids had a place to go when they got cold.

Robb started us off and caught 4 fish in the first 40 min. While I got the kids bundled and put on my gear. Then it was my turn and this was my first fish I caught.

It was bigger than ay of the ones Robb had caught so I was super impressed.

So for those of you that don't know how this all works, here it goes. First you take out an incredibly large net and wade into the ocean holding the net as the current tries to knock you over. Then you wait for consistant tugging where you quickly flip your net over into the bottom of the ocean. Then the really hard work as you drag your net and hopefully a fish with you up the beach. I don't know why but everytime I caught a fish I would start running up the beach and be totally exhausted. Robb would then hit the fish over the head, cut the gills and add it to the pile.
I was feeling pretty good about my mamoth sized fish and then Robb
pulls a two for one. Mine was still bigger than your little two.
Of course the kids had a blast the whole time. They did everything from chasing
seaguls and poking fish heads to building sandcastle and eating dirt. They spent a good 30 mins. stairing at this ity bity fish that you
can hardly see in the picture.Here is the first pile of fish after the first hour and they kept on going.
I went out one more time for a total of 6 fish and Robb caught the other 14.
Doesn't he look proud?
We'll needless to say our cooler was full and now is our freezer.
We have a fish day once a week. I Love It!
We woke up that Thursday morning at 4 am not knowing what we were doing.
Drove for 4 hours fished for 6 hours and then took the 4 hour drive home.
We were a tad bit tired.

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