Monday, August 3, 2009

Whats Your Favorite?

So, my sister is coming in town and I'm trying to think of all my favorite things about Alaska that I can show her in just one week. Here are my must sees...

Coastal Trail/ Earthquak Park

Saturday Market always fun to get really bad music over priced junk and really grease food to add a pimple or two.

Girdwood Tram Hike by Crow Creek Mine maybe drive a bit to the top and pick Salmon Berries.

Hiking this year with the Shaws.
Portage Glacier

Wild Life Refuge we've been there 3 different times when other family has

Flat Top (one of the best hikes yet not one I'd do with just me and the kids.

I Love Love Love the U-pick it Farm. I'm a big nerd but Its my dream to have a huge garden and the fact that its amazingly beautiful up there might add a lot. While in Palmer there is always the Raindeer Farm thats fun for kids.

My favorite place we've camped is in Homer, called Wiskey Gulch and Homer is just a cute little port village. (I'm not taking her all the way to Homer sorry Meili)

Seward will have to do. I heard there is a wildlife cruise there that is amazing. Has any one done that one. There is a glacier cruise out of Whitter I think we'll have to slurge and go on one of those.

These are just a few of my touresty things I want to do with her but I really want to know what are your favorite things in Alaska, you're must sees?

My Favorites