Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where The Heck Did You Go?

I went to the mother land of Utah. We played and played to our hearts content. 95% of the time we were outside enjoying their surprisingly warm weather. Here is a rundown of what we did or just what I took pictures of.
The Ware House carving pumpkins the week before Halloween. Why do the adults end up carving the pumpkins while all the kids are jumping on the tramp.

Notice the abundance of sunshine. Amazing! Hey look even Great-grandpa came out for the occasion. OMG he's texting his BBF Bob. Hello, Grandpa why don't you pretend you're not a grumpy old man and enjoy your family. If you think I'm heartless your probably right or you just don't know grandpa. I love my grandpa he reminds me a bit of my dad with an advanced bit of aging.

Hudson always ended up in one of my brothers arm and won't get down. This is Damon the oldest of my parent's 6 children, at our monthly birthday party my mom holds at here house each month. Octobers a big one there's ME, Jaden(niece), Hudson, Carly (sister), and the Father.
Here's Hudson and Dallan.

Hudson got his favorite and my least favorite thing, a sucker, and went to sleep.

Slay that dragon!


Funny story, when Hudson was born Robb took one look and said, "He looks just like KELTSEY!" That's my brother. Here he is holding Hudson in front of my moms fireplace and I don't know. Maybe if my son had seen a bit of sun this last summer he wouldn't be so white next to my brother who has freakishly dark skin for my family, they truly do look a like.

Story time at the Murray Library. Story time was a disaster yet craft time after was a huge hit.

A quick snap shot of Hudson and I. I think I was about to sneeze or wipe a booger, either way I've got the nostril flare goin' on.

Hudson digging in the dirt and I say "what the hey, as long as he's not eating it go for it." Then again I've never stopped he from eating dirt at home why start at grandmas house?

Eli pulling a cheessssser for me so I'll leave him alone. The ducks are way cooler that taking pictures with mom. I finding out now that a lot of things are cooler than me and I thought wow, when did I become so Uncool? If you wonder why do I only see pictures of Mychel and Hudson? Its because I couldn't get Eli to slow down for two seconds to even say Good morning to me before he was off with the cousins that are at my moms house 24/7. It was wonderfully chaotic. Anyone can take look at my family pictures at password #1 presents password #2 Christmas

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