Friday, July 25, 2008

The Fam was in Town

My parents and my niece Mekayla came to visit at the beginning of July and we had a blast. This is our trip to Denali National Park. It was lots of fun.

Here we are at the Denali sign after our long day in the park and I was SO ready for a good meal and a hot shower!
If you look really close you can see everything I love standing on the edge of a cliff. Of course it was Robb's brilliant idea to hike up the mountain, making our own trail. I had to slide down on my butt because I was so scared.

We drove into the park to the Savage river(that's as far as personal vehicles are allowed). After eating lunch we went for a hike along the river stopping every so often so Eli could throw a rock or two into the river.

My weird family at the Denali National Park from left to right: Kim hiding in the very back, Robb with Hudson on his back, Glenny Poo and Eli. We're waiting to get on a bus for the dog demo. They showed how a dog sled works and talked about how they use the dogs during the winter to patrol since snow machines aren't allowed. Denali is a "PRESERVE" which is why personal vehicles are only allowed so far in (lame huh?).

Mt. McKinley from the observation deck at our "resort." I laugh because when Robb paid $2.00 for a can of Coke he sarcastically asked, "Are you kidding me, 2 dollars for a can of Coke?" The girl politely replied, "you're at a resort." The only thing "resort" about it would be all the little old people lounging around, and over-priced food that was just mediocre.

This is at the Princess Wilderness Lodge where we stayed on our way to Denali. You could see Mt. McKinley off the viewing deck, it was awesome. Here are my children riding the baby black bear. Thanks to the kindness of our friends who gave us coupons for Denali, we got our rooms at a the amazing rate of stay one night get the next night free! I think we paid about $49.00 dollars a night. It doesn't get any better than that.

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