Friday, June 20, 2008

Red Beauty

I am the mother of two beautiful little boys whom I think are the cutest around, biased much? A wife that will follow the love of her life anywhere and I did, all the way to Anchorage, Alaska. It is the land of gorgeous summers and... well, gorgeous summers. Did I mention the summers are absolutely amazing. It's almost worth the 6-7 months of cold bitterness. I have to admit that the winter snow is just like the song, "A Marshmallow World!" If it weren't so frigged out there I might venture outside with my boys to make an igloo or something.

If you like to be outside biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing and more, then this is the place for YOU (in the summer that is). I would ride my bike everywhere if I could, and well, I do. To the library, grocery store, service station, Subway, the hospital and many a park. Each night I ask the man of the house, "So, what are the plans for this evening?" Hoping that he might ask me in return what I would like to do (my classic hint dropping). In response I always answer, "How about a bike ride?" If it were at all possible I might kick Robb out of my bed for my "Red Beauty." Don't worry Robb, come October you'll win my heart back.

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