Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Time, What?

Wow, tonight Robb is at the father-son campout. I've had the night all alone, well Hudson and I. A chick flick "Over Her Dead Body" (really enjoyed the movie) and a new blog has filled my evening. I am so excited to start this blog to occupy my heaps of free time. With two little boys, Eli 2 and Hudson 6 months, I am astonished at how much free time I really don't have, yet I would never change it for the world. It's nice to have a night of nothing. No dinner, no bath time, no story time and no bed time. I missed Robb and Eli the minute they drove out of the driveway. Sleeping in my bed alone is something I loathe.

Intro to the Family

Robb the amazing bread winner of the family, is currently serving his country in the United States Air Force. Living in Alaska has been and is a blessing that keeps on giving. I, Elissa Mychel Hulet am the brains behind the outfit or should I say, "the uniform." I love every day that is filled with sunshine and am enjoying those that aren't. Eli takes me for a whirl-wind, chasing after him each day and Husdon is the baby that I never want to grow up. All in all we have a terrific family and a wonderful home.

My Favorites