Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where The Heck Did You Go?

I went to the mother land of Utah. We played and played to our hearts content. 95% of the time we were outside enjoying their surprisingly warm weather. Here is a rundown of what we did or just what I took pictures of.
The Ware House carving pumpkins the week before Halloween. Why do the adults end up carving the pumpkins while all the kids are jumping on the tramp.

Notice the abundance of sunshine. Amazing! Hey look even Great-grandpa came out for the occasion. OMG he's texting his BBF Bob. Hello, Grandpa why don't you pretend you're not a grumpy old man and enjoy your family. If you think I'm heartless your probably right or you just don't know grandpa. I love my grandpa he reminds me a bit of my dad with an advanced bit of aging.

Hudson always ended up in one of my brothers arm and won't get down. This is Damon the oldest of my parent's 6 children, at our monthly birthday party my mom holds at here house each month. Octobers a big one there's ME, Jaden(niece), Hudson, Carly (sister), and the Father.
Here's Hudson and Dallan.

Hudson got his favorite and my least favorite thing, a sucker, and went to sleep.

Slay that dragon!


Funny story, when Hudson was born Robb took one look and said, "He looks just like KELTSEY!" That's my brother. Here he is holding Hudson in front of my moms fireplace and I don't know. Maybe if my son had seen a bit of sun this last summer he wouldn't be so white next to my brother who has freakishly dark skin for my family, they truly do look a like.

Story time at the Murray Library. Story time was a disaster yet craft time after was a huge hit.

A quick snap shot of Hudson and I. I think I was about to sneeze or wipe a booger, either way I've got the nostril flare goin' on.

Hudson digging in the dirt and I say "what the hey, as long as he's not eating it go for it." Then again I've never stopped he from eating dirt at home why start at grandmas house?

Eli pulling a cheessssser for me so I'll leave him alone. The ducks are way cooler that taking pictures with mom. I finding out now that a lot of things are cooler than me and I thought wow, when did I become so Uncool? If you wonder why do I only see pictures of Mychel and Hudson? Its because I couldn't get Eli to slow down for two seconds to even say Good morning to me before he was off with the cousins that are at my moms house 24/7. It was wonderfully chaotic. Anyone can take look at my family pictures at password #1 presents password #2 Christmas

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is the Fall Festival thing we went to at the U-Pick It Farm in Palmer. We went with some friends Josh, Kristen Isebela and Carson, they had some friends from out of town come with us and it was way fun.

Monday, August 11, 2008

What Did Hudson Eat NOW!

I can't even begin to count how many times a day I am pulling things out of Hudson's mouth. On the off chance that it's actually food, I celebrate. All the while knowing in another two minutes I'll be pulling some foreign object from the bottomless pit we call Hudson.

Here's just a few moments caught in time of the many things I find in Hudson's mouth.

Hudsons most recent discovery of a half eaten cookie he acquired by the help of Jace the Judi's little munchkin. Taking a cue from Jace, Husdon decided he would share a little with me.

Hurray! It's something eatable, not the most healthy but I'll take sugar cereal over rocks and dirt any day.

Thread that's a new one.

In Seward on the beach with itty bitty rocks, almost sand. An absolute joy to get out of the snapping jaws of a teething baby.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Fam was in Town

My parents and my niece Mekayla came to visit at the beginning of July and we had a blast. This is our trip to Denali National Park. It was lots of fun.

Here we are at the Denali sign after our long day in the park and I was SO ready for a good meal and a hot shower!
If you look really close you can see everything I love standing on the edge of a cliff. Of course it was Robb's brilliant idea to hike up the mountain, making our own trail. I had to slide down on my butt because I was so scared.

We drove into the park to the Savage river(that's as far as personal vehicles are allowed). After eating lunch we went for a hike along the river stopping every so often so Eli could throw a rock or two into the river.

My weird family at the Denali National Park from left to right: Kim hiding in the very back, Robb with Hudson on his back, Glenny Poo and Eli. We're waiting to get on a bus for the dog demo. They showed how a dog sled works and talked about how they use the dogs during the winter to patrol since snow machines aren't allowed. Denali is a "PRESERVE" which is why personal vehicles are only allowed so far in (lame huh?).

Mt. McKinley from the observation deck at our "resort." I laugh because when Robb paid $2.00 for a can of Coke he sarcastically asked, "Are you kidding me, 2 dollars for a can of Coke?" The girl politely replied, "you're at a resort." The only thing "resort" about it would be all the little old people lounging around, and over-priced food that was just mediocre.

This is at the Princess Wilderness Lodge where we stayed on our way to Denali. You could see Mt. McKinley off the viewing deck, it was awesome. Here are my children riding the baby black bear. Thanks to the kindness of our friends who gave us coupons for Denali, we got our rooms at a the amazing rate of stay one night get the next night free! I think we paid about $49.00 dollars a night. It doesn't get any better than that.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Red Beauty

I am the mother of two beautiful little boys whom I think are the cutest around, biased much? A wife that will follow the love of her life anywhere and I did, all the way to Anchorage, Alaska. It is the land of gorgeous summers and... well, gorgeous summers. Did I mention the summers are absolutely amazing. It's almost worth the 6-7 months of cold bitterness. I have to admit that the winter snow is just like the song, "A Marshmallow World!" If it weren't so frigged out there I might venture outside with my boys to make an igloo or something.

If you like to be outside biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing and more, then this is the place for YOU (in the summer that is). I would ride my bike everywhere if I could, and well, I do. To the library, grocery store, service station, Subway, the hospital and many a park. Each night I ask the man of the house, "So, what are the plans for this evening?" Hoping that he might ask me in return what I would like to do (my classic hint dropping). In response I always answer, "How about a bike ride?" If it were at all possible I might kick Robb out of my bed for my "Red Beauty." Don't worry Robb, come October you'll win my heart back.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Time, What?

Wow, tonight Robb is at the father-son campout. I've had the night all alone, well Hudson and I. A chick flick "Over Her Dead Body" (really enjoyed the movie) and a new blog has filled my evening. I am so excited to start this blog to occupy my heaps of free time. With two little boys, Eli 2 and Hudson 6 months, I am astonished at how much free time I really don't have, yet I would never change it for the world. It's nice to have a night of nothing. No dinner, no bath time, no story time and no bed time. I missed Robb and Eli the minute they drove out of the driveway. Sleeping in my bed alone is something I loathe.

Intro to the Family

Robb the amazing bread winner of the family, is currently serving his country in the United States Air Force. Living in Alaska has been and is a blessing that keeps on giving. I, Elissa Mychel Hulet am the brains behind the outfit or should I say, "the uniform." I love every day that is filled with sunshine and am enjoying those that aren't. Eli takes me for a whirl-wind, chasing after him each day and Husdon is the baby that I never want to grow up. All in all we have a terrific family and a wonderful home.

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